Setting up a business - please do your research!

It’s absolutely imperative to do your research before you commit time and money into starting a business. The Authors started out as a platform to help women live life on their own terms, through setting up their own businesses, and providing them with the tools in which they needed to do so. All sounds rosy enough, right? But after I’d spent days, weeks, in fact, working on my idea and building a website, I realised I wasn’t the only one that had the same idea as I did. I couldn’t scroll through Instagram for more than 5 seconds without seeing a sponsored advert for another Workshop, Academy, ’Girlboss’ page- complete competitors in my space, built by people that we‘re better equipped & with bigger pockets to make it work than I had.

This was so disheartening for me and almost made me throw the towel in, but I knew I had something to give, so I found the strength in me from somewhere to keep going.

I really want to help you guys from making the same mistakes, so it’s imperative to make sure you accurately and extensively research the space your going in to before you set sail on your quest for success. I know it’s super exciting when you find your idea and it’s hard not to just rush off and start working on it, but this will save you lots of time and effort down the line. It’s real easy to do through sitting down and doing some searching on Google/Instagram etc and seeing what you can find. it will also help you identify gaps in the market, and build out your USP.

Lots of love,

Sophie xo

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