Home working - an introverts dream 💘

Yes Coronavirus is pretty shit. Not being able to see your family for months on end and having to wear a sweaty mask every time you board a train is not fun. However, always the optimists 😂, we‘ve decided to put together a little post as to why every cloud has a silver lining, well, for us, anyway.

  1. Flexibility - Corona has provided us with way more flexibility when working. With wfh now the norm, we’re able to work a little more on our own schedule, deciding to get our workout in and maybe log on a little later in the evening, well, because, we can.

  2. Efficiency - Rolling out of bed at 5 minutes to 9 is now how we, well, roll. We save time on the dreaded commute, we’re less distracted by our colleagues and our 10am/2pm/4pm coffee runs, and we basically just get more done.

  3. Autonomy - Without your manager breathing down your neck about where you are and what your doing, you feel more empowered to take ownership of your work, your less nervous about people listening in to your calls in the office & your confidence has grown in leaps and bounds.

  4. Work/life balance - In the age in which we live, and the roles in which we do (well, most of us), it’s possible to work & live at the same time. Taking that call at the post office, or whilst doing laundry: yes please! That means weekends can be spent exactly as they should be, away from our laptops.

WFH hasn’t been easy for all of us. For those of us that are extroverted, and get their energy from others, this time at home has often felt lonely and difficult. But for the introverts out there, this has been a time for us to rest and recharge, to look inwardly at ourselves and what makes us happy, what we are looking for, develop ourselves and our careers, and generally feel much happier and content. It’s the thought of life resuming normality that scares us.

We Would love to hear your thoughts on home working and how you feel about it. Do you want to go back to an office?


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